Access Control


The BioSmart system is a complete solution, offering you a range of biometric devices (readers and terminals) that can be installed outside the secure area, an ZFlex Relay Module to operate locks and turnstiles for access control to secured areas, and centralized software to manage the system. Our systems provide your organization with efficient, reliable and cost effective access control solutions.

With BioSmart, it is possible to create solutions of any size – from local entrance monitoring (for one door) to networked access control for large-scale enterprises with geographically dispersed facilities. The devices can operate in standalone mode, including local enrollment. In the case of failed network connections, the operator is alerted to raise security checks. In the meanwhile, all access events are stored on the device and synchronized to the server once network connection has been restored.

The BioSmart system provides you with all the tools necessary for flexible management of security levels and allows you to choose the most appropriate identification method for each purpose. Available technologies include fingerprint and palm vein authentication, as well as the most popular RFID card formats.


  • World-class biometric technologies based on fingerprint and on palm vein identification
  • Extra layer of security with ZFlex Relay Modules
  • Integration with the pre- existing access control devices via Wiegand interface
  • Support of alarm systems and CCTV
  • 5 year warranty on hardware devices

Major Functions

  • Identification by fingerprints, palm veins, RFID cards
  • Direct control of access devices (locks, turnstiles)
  • Complete event logging
  • Ability to specify time-restricted access rights
  • Tampering protection and alarm notification in the event of breakthrough detection
  • Anti-passback
  • Live monitoring of access events
  • Various identification methods – biometric, biometric + card, biometric + PIN